Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, this was a long time ago (april 29, 2007) but i'm still very happy because thanks to this achivement i could get more experience and learn MUCH more; mainly because the prize was an internship at Airdesign (i'll writte something about AD some time latter)

The event in fact was called "3rd car design and engineering international congress" in Monterey Mexico (what a wonderfull city, and very nice people as well) and some of the speakers and judges were: Henrik Fisker, Daniel Mastretta, Humberto Ortiz, Sasha Lakic. Miguel Avalos and the president of the Latin American Car Design Association, Luis Fernando Rubio. (wish i can get in touch with him!)

So wen i saw the add of the congress i asked to my parents for some money.. :) and began to work in my entry for the contest, in fact i couldn't sleep very well those days because i was attending my finnal round of exams (high school, "voca 2") lol thru those days i got a lot of fun!

Two weeks later my design was finished and i send it ! ... and one week later i was in Monterey, immediately i felt at home, (somehow) sorrunded by petrolheads just like me, talking only about cars, cars... and cars... this was heaven!

That time in Monterey was unique, and i fully recommend that kind of events, (not only because i got the first place) because i meet a lot of people, and learn something from them, also because this kind of events "opens" your eyes and shows you how amazing is the world of car design.

This was my second participation in car design contest, because some time before i participated in another design contest organized by rigoletti, "houze of disign"?? and the sponsors of the Mexico's international Autoshow 2006 , finnaly i got the 3rd place. But what a very disorganized event! (*:*)