Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's an inevitable trend as we see more graphics companies specializing in custom car exterior vinyl foils turning into all out tuning shops. Undoubtedly, in interacting with their customers, the proprietors of these firms are recognizing the need to be a one-stop-shop for all of their customer's needs but without charging the heavily stuffed footballer prices.
German company CFC StylingStation is one of those small businesses who specializes in custom car exterior vinyl foils but has branched out. Now the firm from the city of Neuss on the left bank of the Rhine river wants to showcase its tuning chops with the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI.
To start, CFC has added to the body a Kerscher front bumper carbon-lip spoiler and 2.5cm widened fenders (together cost 800 euro), side sills, rear diffuser, mirror caps and engine cover all in carbon-fiber by Black-Gold-Design (set costs 1,200 euro).
The chassis is distinguished by two different wheel designs: pink ASA GT1 8.5x19 inch wheels on the one side and red ASA GT3 wheels in the same size on the other. Tires are Hankook EvoS1 225/35R19 (each wheel set costs 2,400 euro). The front wheel hubs receive Eibach spacers while the rear gets 5mm H&R wheel disks. APX AP coilovers (779 euro) in combination with H&R stabilizers ensure increased driving dynamics. The TÜV certified braking system (949 euro) includes 4-piston calipers, carbon-steel two-piece grooved brake discs and also an ultra light floating aluminum hub.
Under the hood CFC taps MR Car Design's turbo upgrade kit (2,200 euro) which includes downpipe and black tail pipe. Power is increased from 210 PS (155 kW / 207 hp) to a Golf R worthy 270 PS (199kW / 266 hp) and 400 Nm of torque.
And of course let's not forget CFC's specialty which gives the GTI a matt gray foiling (1,400 euro) while the roof is painted in High Gloss Carbon Black (550 euro). As a unique touch of contrast, the right side fender and front bumper grille is given a cartoonish collage design which CFC calls Sticker Bombing (250 euro).
Other upgrades include anthracitic colored tinted glass (248 euro), pink tinted fog-lights (50 euro) and a MK SoundStyle audio system which includes a Pioneer head unit, amplifiers by Mosconi, cabling by AIV, Rainbow speakers and Jehnert Doorboards.
When all is said and done, upgrades cost 12,900 euro not including the HiFi system which costs an additional 10,000 euro.